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unique and gorgeous getaways on the

Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.


I’ve always loved the idea of camping and the great outdoors – but never quite managed to try it until not that long ago – crazy but true!  I’m now hooked! And living on the Mornington Peninsula, we have so many amazing and diverse places to choose from. Beach to bush and everything in between…

I particularly love the way my children relish any opportunity to getaway  – no iPads or TV’s – just kicking balls, running, laughing, making instant friends with other kids and getting heaps of fresh air!

I really want others to love this experience as well. You won’t need to tow a camper. You won’t need to buy all the associated gear. Just turn up and enjoy the moments you create.

So I have combined a few of my loves… the outdoors, simple pleasures, travel, design (not to mention the opportunity to take my kids on more glamping trips!) Plus, I just don’t like bland, off the shelf caravans… sorry… they need to look fun and happy to make me happy!

A while ago a friend of mine sent me a Facebook link and said “Karen, you would love this!”

I wrote back “I want one!”. It wasn’t quite as romantic as ‘want, then shall have’, but let’s just say that finally Poppy the teardrop camper arrived and along with Mavis, my business could really take off! And Finn is the crown in the jewel, being the latest Cocoon Camper to join our tribe.

I’m so excited to be a woman with an idea, taking a leap, and bringing this dream to fruition!

And there’s heaps more to come, so watch this space…

I can’t wait to share the journey with you.



Now let me indulge in my own touch of nostalgia –  My loved Nan was Mavis. She was sweet, and somewhat innocent, fiercely loved her family, and was a true romantic. She could peel an apple in one swift motion, loved watching Days of our Lives, but would never, ever sit down at the dining table to join the family for dinner. She was way too busy in the kitchen. As one of her 12 grandchildren, I am so happy to dedicate our 1970 Coronet Caravan ‘Mavis’ to Mavis!

It was easy to name Poppy, the retro-inspired teardrop camper – my darling daughter has the most beautiful blue eyes, just like this camper’s exterior – and her middle name is Poppy. My girl lights up my life every day, and she is super excited to have Poppy dedicated to her…

Our next camper to arrive of course had to be dedicated to my gorgeous son. His middle name is Finn, so Finn is our next Cocoon Camper!  My boy makes me laugh every day, and he still loves cuddles with mum (hopefully that will never change!). So Finn, like my beautiful boy, is rather special…


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